Company Resources

JBA|QS has been successfully operating since 1994. Below is our summary of insurances and other resources:

Professional & Liability and other Insurance Coverage

JBA|QS carries Professional Errors and Omissions insurance for $2.0 million per claim, $2.0 million in aggregate coverage, with a $5,000 deductible.

JBA|QS also carries Commercial General Liability insurance with $2.0million coverage

JBA|QS carry minimum $2.0 million Vehicle Insurance coverage.

JBA|QS is an employer in good standing with WCB.

JBA|QS carries an Inter-Municipal Business License for Fraser Valley and also City of Vancouver and other Municipalities when work requires.


JBA|QS maintains a full inventory of high tech computers and utilizes spreadsheet based estimating programs. Quantity take off is done onscreen using Adobe. Reports are printed on digital laser colour printer / copiers. All software is properly licensed. Antivirus and firewall protection ensures data security.

As part of our Green lifestyle initiative, we produce our estimate reports in electronic format and issue them by email as a PDF file, thus reducing unnecessary paper. We do provide printed project executive summary page handouts only at review meetings.

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